How would I go about making a Crash Bandicoot type crate?

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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to make a crate that acts in a similiar way to the ones in Crash Bandicoot.

    Meaning, that when the player lands on the crate they bounce and the crate is destroyed & if the jump button is pressed when colliding with the crate the player bounce is higher.

    So, I know how to destroy an object on collision but, I'm not sure how to implement the bounce.

    Any help would appreciated.


  • Platform behaviour > Set vector Y to a negative value, will produce a kind of sonic the hedgehog spring bounce effect which is probably what you need.

  • Hey,

    Thanks!!! That takes care of the bouncing.

    Now I just need the player to bounce higher when the jump key is held down.

  • If jump key is down set vector Y to a lower number.

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  • Thank you, it's working now

  • Hey,

    So, I got the crates working but, I want to set a different animation when the player collides with the crate while holding jump.

    What I tried to do was:

    On collision, Keyboard "space" held set player vector Y=-600, set animation to "High jump"

    What ends up happening is that the "High jump" animation plays for about a frame before defaulting to the standard jump animation.

    How would I go about negating the jump animation?


  • You need to add conditions in the normal jump animation event such as 'when not doing high jump'. You'll need to have this as a variable or bool on the player, something like isJumping for jump which you may already have and isHighJumping for high jump. This means that it will know to only use the jump animation when not in high jump.

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