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  • Afternoon,

    I am struggling with a project I am making, for some reason I cannot go to the next layout.

    Basically its a jumping game and you collect coins, on collecting an X amount of coins it will take you to the next layout which will be a maths questions, upon answering the question if Correct go to next level if Wrong Game Over.

    I have the first stage complete where I am collecting the coins but when I have Go to Layout 2 nothing happens and the game continues as normal.

    The way I have this set is :

    System Trigger Once System Go To Layout 2

    System Score is equal to or greater than 2

    Any chance anyone has an ideas on what is causing this?



  • You have to give us more than that. A printscreen, a capx.

    Maybe the event is not even triggered. Use a TextBox and write something when the event should go to Layout 2, something like: TextBox.Text&newline&"go to layout 2"

  • Cipriux,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I am not sure how I am able to make a capx or upload one to this forum, do you have an email I could contact you with the c3p?



  • By the way, "System Trigger Once" must be the last condition in the event

  • I don't use C3 so I don't think I can open an C3p

    Send a printscreen to cipriux@gmail.com or use dropbox or http://tinypic.com/

  • Thank you very much! ,

    I have sent you the sceenshots via email

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  • Your event 17 looks strange to me. It has 2 triggered conditions. I didn't know C2/C3 can allow this.

    Bu anyway, try disabling the actions "Reset global variables" on event 24 and see if it works. Or, put event 25 as a sub-event of 23.

    If I have some strange behaviour, I always put a TextBox on every line I thinks it should trigger and write the event number. This way I can debug what events are triggered in what order.

  • Ah ok, Thanks for the information.

    I will give this a try and let you know.



  • Disabling the Reset of global variables did no difference however making the go to layout 3 as a sub event of line 23 has fixed this issue!

    Thanks so much for the help! Really appreciate it!


  • I am glad I could help

  • Camm23, FYI - posting a screenshot via https://snag.gy and then including the link provided by snag.gy will allow people to see what you're trying to do. (As well as tiny.pic)

    Thankfully Cipriux was able to help you, but the rest of us reading this forum post have no idea what it is/was, and if someone was looking for a 'Goto Layout X' solution, they came across your conversation <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    No harm done.

    Tiny.pic or snag.gy are very useful tools for sharing what you're seeing.

    As another note, MANY people here are using Construct 2 (C2), so they can't open your Construct 3 project, hence Screenshots are needed. They can likely open the project in the free C3 product though, but not be able to do much with it due to 25 event limitations.

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