How do I globally edit in multiple layouts?

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  • For a long time I am not sure how to edit something (same object) in more layouts at one editing?

    For example I have game with 10 levels (10 layouts) and directly in game there is special layer with in game menu (for ex. show some results after end of level, or like pause menu during the game so I need that state of actual level <=> be in same layout). So I have 10 copies of same objects in game menu in these 10 layouts and then I need to redesign in game menu, how to do it?

    I really do not like to change everything 10x times, so is there any easy way how to manage it? Thank you very much in advance.

  • Global layers are designed to solve this problem. It means you just have a single layer which is repeated across other layouts, so you only need to make changes in one place. See Layers in the manual.

  • The way I done my in-game menu is like this:

    I've created a new layer called "InGame Menu".

    I've added all the sprites and all what I needed there, then I set the layer to Global (Properties -> Editor Properties).

    I've created a new event sheet(only event sheet, without layout) where I've added my code.

    The last step is to include your event sheet in every layout (Level) and add a new layer called "InGame Menu" in every layout as well.

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  • Thank you very much for advice. I do not know how but somehow I missed it :D my fault.

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