Global variable or Dictionary entry?

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  • C3 guru's, thanks for checking out this topic.

    As I make my way through this first game, I've set 10+ global variables for different things I need to reference in the programming. All told, I have probably torn apart several games to see how they run and noticed most don't have a lot of global variables but many dictionary entries instead.

    So my question to those that know C3 inside and out, what is the better path for a game (maybe I'm not asking the right question).; using dictionary entries and calls or global variables?

    Thanks in advance for your time.

  • It's entirely up to you. Global variables are easier to deal with, but may become difficult to manage if you have lots of them.

    You can have a mix of both. For example, I prefer to keep some values in the dictionary (say, game settings). And others, which are frequently used, in global variables.

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  • Doing the same as dop2000.

    Values that are not safed and just for a convenience for me as the developer I use as global variables. So that I can easily see and manage them. Everything that needs to be safed I use a dictionary for.

    Also I like to use json a lot.

    If you know the RPG maker, with JSON you can make things like:

    attacker.atk - defender.def

    And so on.

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