Global / reusable UI layer?

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  • Hi, I have about 10 layouts (so far) in my project and have decided I want to be able to toggle a menu of some sorts on each layout.

    The issue is, the menu items could change and it seems very inefficient to have to create the menu and its events each time for each layout (in design time).

    I am sure there is a way to do this where I can create the menu, its events and somehow make it universal across all layouts?

    Global layers? Include Event Sheet?

    Anyone guide me in the right direction.


  • So this "appears" to be Global Layers?

    When I set the menu layer to global, then include it inside another layout it appear in the editor, however, the objects ONLY show in the editor. when i run my project, the objects from that global layer do not show, just the background?

    Bug or doing something wrong?

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  • Ok so I have this finally working, with one snag.

    I have my layouts all with the global "menu" layer that is "hidden" by default.

    I then have a button on each layout which makes the layer visible (making my menu show, full screen)

    the problem is then, how do I make that layer invisible again as now all objects from the layout are covered up with the UI layer and objects on the UI layer dont have access to the the layouts event sheet?

  • Done it!

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