How do I give "3d effect" to a ball?

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  • Hi!

    First of all, sorry for my english, I'm spanish, and I hope to describe my "How do" question, let's go!

    I'm trying to make a sports game, and I'm trying to make a ball bouncing from top to down (imagine tennis), and first I want to make the effect that the ball is going up (making it bigger) and then down (turn to his normal size). And if is it posible to make a shadow to know where the ball is going to fall.

    Thanks for all!!!!


  • Hi,

    There are a couple of ways to do this.

    The first would be to manipulate the sprite size as it travels along the path. Make it bigger then smaller.

    Second, you will need a second sprite to act as the shadow.

    First get the ball moving properly.

    Then animate the ball growing then shrinking.

    Then add the shadow sprite and it's movement.

    The other way, would be to make the shadow and ball movement as frames in the animation of the ball.

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  • You already got it, just simply playing how the ball perspective look like.

  • use an animation for when it is in motion that has it start at it its starting point, go into movement (and thus become larger as it approaches the screen), then reach its destination (becoming smaller along the path). then just have a shadow sprite that is set to the position of the ball, maybe accomplish this by creating the shadow sprite and then setting position to ball.x and ball.y while it is in motion, or otherwise at all times, or maybe some offset of ball.x,ball.y so that it appears under it

  • Thanks for all your replies!! I'm going to try it! thanks again

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