How do I generate things in the procedural generation template?

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  • look, it sounds dumb but I really need help with this.

    a bit of background:

    this week is the 6th annual Brackeys game jam, and for the jam, I decided to make a terraria kind of game where you basically fight off enemies and survive(for those of you who never played a survival game before) with a bit of my touch to it. so I loaded up the procedural generation template as a base and started to retexturize and build simple game mechanics. but when I wanted to generate an enemy or a tree I didn't know what to do from there. and whenever I try and read the code, it's a bit too hard for me to understand. I even checked the documentation and still didn't find anything that could help.

    so now I'm stuck and can't finish the game

    if anyone has any kind of knowledge on this, PLEASE share it with me, it would be really nice and would help out a ton

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  • Do you have a grasp of how noise is used in procedural generation at all?

    In the procedural generation example, for a 2d side view game, events 41-44 are used to determine the elevation map (floor/air). You can see how the surface is determined in events 42 and 43, to place grass if the tile above is air. Placing trees and monsters on the surface will be a similar idea as well.

    You can use a simple random expression to determine which x coordinates a monster or tree will spawn at, rather than every tile like grass. This can go anywhere as a sub event under event 33, which loops through every x coordinate to generate the map.

  • thx for the help man I really appreciate it!

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