can make general apps with construct?

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  • by general apps I mean such as



    simple website conversion like webview

    news app

    small informational apps like ebooks

    coloring pics


    something like these

    If yes, could you please guide me to the good tutorial place :)

    I know the best way to make those is using android studio directly

    but I ask questions here coz I love Construct interface and its mechanism so much!

    Please help me xD

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  • You are in the correct place. Honestly Construct is the best, scrap android studio. Why limit your project to one platform when you can use Construct and export to all! *Cough* waits patiently for PS4 support :(

    Learn Construct, you can do almost anything.

    Utilize this awesome forum and its extremely helpful and experienced community of whom have helped me with each and every problem that I have ever had.

    You are in the right place.

  • you again the MADDOG

    "you are in the right place" explained all to me.

    I'm all into construct now! Thank you!!

  • Use square brackets around the tag if their username has a space. EG:

    [@The Maddog]

  • Tom Thanks Tom! The Maddog

    btw could you recommend me some general app making tutorial links :D

  • still looking for some tutorial about how to build general apps with construct

    such as

    quiz and wallpaper apps.

    Anyone please help me.

  • Here's everything that you need to get yourself started.

    If you have any questions about how to do anything that isn't in the learning section then the forum is the place to be. :)

    Good luck and remember that you can export to all major platforms... Apart from the PS4 :/

  • The Maddog

    really? I don't see any tutorial about how to make general apps or any close like that..

    can you show me at least 1 tutorial teaching the stuff I'm looking for?

  • Certain things like animations and effects are really easy to do in Construct. Other things, like scrolling lists are MUCH more difficult than in an app-building IDE. It took me a long time and over a hundred small Construct projects before I attempted to make a scrolling list in Construct, and I’m still not 100% satisfied with the look and feel.

    For a quiz app, if you are okay with single screens and no scrolling, all you need to do is add sprites and a “Touch” object to the layout, then in the event sheet, use an “On Touched Object” event on each sprite to do some action, like popup another sprite that says “Correct!”, or “Try Again!” You can then go to another layout for the next question.

    For an example of this built in Construct, check out my site . It is free, and you can log in as a guest.

  • cjbruce

    omg bro did you make this website using construct?

    rofl even making website with construct lol

  • It's been a long time dream of mine that Construct will expand beyond the canvas and allow us to have unrestricted access to the DOM, transitioning into more of a HTML5 experience engine than a game engine. These features would dramatically transform Constructs viability as an app engine - tables, lists, styling... it would be amazing.

    With the C3 runtime nearing completion, we'll have to wait and see how much of this can become a reality.

  • thx Elliott

    for now, what do you think of the best tool to make quiz app and wallpaper app?

    I mean easiest and fastest tool

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