How do I make these games?

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  • Any person know how to make these games and/or have capx files that can help with making these games?

    Flippy knife, tap tap dash, mr jump s, run around, square juggle, vista golf, Touchdowners, battle golf, dunkers, PinOut, space frontier, ark o ball, bike race, FlipChamps, leap on, and/or Jetpack joy ride?

  • Making an example or searching the forum for one isn't worth the trouble. Why not pick one and try your hand at making it? Everything in games can be broken up into lots of simpler parts that can be figured out. Then if you get stuck you can post your attempt and explain what you're trying to do. If you end up not being able to do any part you could always try something simpler and then with maybe with later games you'll be able to do it with more knowledge and experience.

  • Good Morning.

    I also believe that the creation process is the most fun, but tutorials and examples can take a lot of questions and also help here in the forum ...

    Try to create your project and if you have difficulties try to find the specific help for your doubts ...

  • Like the others say, just doing it and see where you get stuck is usually the best way to success.

    I am following Udemy courses on Construct 2 but am making them in Construct 3. In this way I got a very good idea about how things are done.

    On this moment I am busy with the Udemy course, how to make a pinball game. A very interesting course even when it has nothing to do with the type of games I want to create (adventure, maze and puzzle). There is always something new to learn.

    There are many excellent Construct 3 tutorials. LuckyRawathLucky his tutorials I find them very good. Many Construct 2 tutorials are still very usefull with Construct 3.

    Personally, I like the creative process of making games. Especially the "thinking" and "planning" part are exited for me. In that stage, I come up with all kind of game play.

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  • you don't you make your own but honestly, theres youtube tutorials as well as a fair amount of templates and showcases in the start page, as rojo said, break it down. figure out what aspects you want to recreate and go from there. by starting with a simple sprite with platform behavior as a player, and another with solid behavior as a floor, you're halfway to making super mario bros, and you're only 5 or 6 clicks in. play around a bit, see what you can do. mix and match ideas and see what you can come up with.

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