Gamepad inputs are (sometimes) not being triggered

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  • Hi everybody,

    for some strange reason my gamepad button inputs are "sometimes" not being triggered, like the jump button button and the player is not jumping.

    On the contrary I'm using the left analog for movements and that's working fine.

    Any ideas why?



  • This is also happening in some of the most recent example projects for example Orbiting platforms...

    Also I can notice this is much more frequent when previewing the game in debug mode

  • YES! it happened to one of my playtesters (testing my NWjs) and I just assumed it was his controller... then today it happened to me (NWjs)... but then since that one time, it no longer happens, I even started the same build and it didn't happen.... still testing though...

    uuughhhh I HATE problems like these!

    I know worker-mode in the past has given me issues with gamepad response being delayed... could this be the culprit? was a change made recently? TheRealDannyyy

  • also yes the buttons were intermittent and the analog sticks were fine!

    UPDATE: yes it happened again...D-pad is just unresponsive...sometimes it works, sometimes not, sometimes it does double inputs (most likely lag)... this is crazy!

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  • so far in my last 2 test builds (NWjs) I set Worker Mode to OFF and I haven't had an issue. It doesn't make sense that worker mode would have anything to do with an NWjs export... but that's the only thing I can think of.

    I will keep you posted.

  • It doesn't make sense that worker mode would have anything to do with an NWjs export... but that's the only thing I can think of.

    I don't know where you got this info from but worker mode affects exports. The whole point of worker mode is to run your games off the main thread. This means that worker mode can and probably does do the problems you mentioned. As always, a quick bug report will get it fixed.

    Worker mode info in the browser console (exported project):

  • TheRealDannyyy I am only guessing and I don't know for sure, but worker mode (at least the way Construct Team explains it) to me seems more related to a Construct preview mode or an HTML5 export. Since the only time you are competing with other Chrome processes is when other tabs are open. NWjs is essentially its own version of Chrome, running by itself, so why would it need worker mode? I assume this is the wrong line of thinking since I'm seeing worker mode have impact on my NWjs.

    EDIT: just saw they fixed this in the next beta version!

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