How do I make a game like starfox?

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  • Hi. I'm sort of a newbie here. Growing up, I loved the Star Fox Games. I would like to know how to make a game like Star Fox (SNES). I've been looking for tutorials everywhere and I haven't found anything. So I would like to learn how to make a recreation of Star Fox

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  • First you observe the game you are trying to recreate closely. If you can understand what happens (actions) and when/why they happen (conditions), then you can start rebuilding the game one event at a time.

    If you have any specific questions, then ask again. In the meantime, I recommend following both beginner tutorials on this website first.

  • Everything that oosyrag said. And then..

    The type of game you are trying to make is an on-rails shooter.

    If you type "on-rails shooter" into the search bar on the homepage in the editor there is a good demo project that is based on star fox that you can dissect and understand.

    EDIT: "Do a Barrel Roll!"

  • So I Have another question, How to I make an enemy shooter ai for this recreation? I found something good but it has a target ai instead of an enemy ai. Could someone teach me how to make a shooter ai or just show me a tutorial on how to make it? It'd really help alot

  • Unfortunately no one can just tell you how to make an enemy AI. You have to plan what you want the enemies to do, think of every step; do you want them to move, if so how? do you want them to shoot, if so how? and once you know what you want you can apply your understanding of the engine to the problem. Learning the basics is the most important thing.

    The construct site and the homepage of the browser are full of tutorials and demos of all types. Browse there if you want to see examples.

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