How do I Make A Game Over Screen?

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  • Im trying to make a Game Over Screen. Each time I try and search for it I cannot find any. Im very sure many people have asked this question but.

    Is there a way for me to create a Game Over Screen and have the game reset at the push of a button? If the restart isn't possible that's OK I just want the game over screen. Thank You For Your Help!

  • Indeed this question is already answered, a lot of tutorials and templates built-in Construct (start page) contains Game over screens/notification.

    If your game is in a single layout, a button to reset it is possibly just using the system actions "Reset global variables" and "Restart layout".

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  • You can do this with creating a layer above everything. In layer properties disabling Transparent.

    On Player health <_ 0 | set 'GameOverLayer' visible

    Else | set 'GameOverLayer' invisible

    First way, is with using System -> Save:

    On start of layout (or whenever your game begins) | System -> Save

    On Object clicked restart button | System -> Load the save

    Second way is with using System -> Restart Layout:

    On Object clicked restart button | System -> Restart layout

  • Hey thanks just got around to trying it and it worked! thanks!

    but im having a problem where it will not reset my games score? it just rolls over form the previous game. any way i can fix this?

  • On Object clicked restart button (event)

    (actions for that event)

    | System -> Restart layout

    | System -> Set variable Score = 0

    The Restart Layout doesn't reset and variables I believe, so the score stays the same when you restart the layout, so you just need to set that Score variable to 0.

    The Score variable needs to be a global variable.

  • Or consider using the dedicated system action "Reset global variables".

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