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  • I encountered some issues with the game score keeping track of itself. I created some block such that when a block collides with another, it will add 1 point to its own instance variable. When its instance variable is equal to 1, it will add 1 point to the Game Score (a global variable). At times, the block seems to update its instance variable after collision, BUT at other times, it doesn't even though it collided with another block (I ran a debug to check and found that its instance variable is still zero even after collision). As a result the Game score becomes messy and not accurate. Can anybody help me on this? Thanks in advance.

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  • Hiya, you'll need to post some events or a playable C3 project to get some help with this otherwise it is just guesswork. The problem could be with your logic and picked objects or collision, multiple things really.

  • Hi Plinkie, thanks. I think you're right. It is about the picked object. The collision worked fine. I missed out the actual object to activate the event. Was scratching my head for hours on the debug mode till it finally hit me. The debug mode is pretty useful for debugging. Thanks for responding anyway. I suppose we can close this thread. The C3 community is great! And very helpful too.

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