How do I make my game run smoothly without crashing?

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  • Hi!

    I have ran into a problem. During the development of my first app I've tried my app on several devices. However, after working with my app for several weeks I did not try my app during the development on the "oldest" device I have. An iphone 6. And now when I try to start the first level of my app it crashes immediately. The current level I'm trying to enter is a static level where you scroll with your finger to navigate. The layout size is 6144x1536 consisting of 3 pictures that are 2048x1536 and another 3 pictures on top of that with the resolution 2048x1536 and then I have several smaller sprites imported. The viewport size is 1920x1080 for mobile and 2048x1536 on tablet.

    I have come to the conclusion that my app needs to much memory of the device. And I guess that the biggest problem is the size of my pictures. When trying the game in the debug layout it stands that I have 742.5mb est. image memory.

    I have exported all of the pictures in PNG24 but when I check the pictures they are only around 100-200 kb.

    I have checked some of the guides here but I still can't find a working solution.

    Is there anyone here who can recommend me how I can make my app not needing so much image memory? Can I somehow see which pictures that need most image memory?

  • Read this :

    It describes exactly what you've tried to do and why you shouldn't do it, and how to work towards resolving it.

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  • posted the best guidance around this. Never use large images like that, but break it up and try repeating images - especially for mobile/tablet.

  • Thanks for the link. I had actually read this article some time ago but not taking it into account enough apparently.

    The example with Rayman is pretty strraightforward and if I made a platform game this would have been my go to solution.

    However, now when making a game with a static screen where you scroll with your finger on different devices, how should I do then? I know that my pictures are too big in case of resolution. But how should I do? Do I need to find the most effective power of two size resolution to work with or what would you recommend in this case?

    This is not a big game at all. It consist of 6 pictures and then some smaller sprites that you can press on. I am curious to what resolution I should target for my 6 background pictures.

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