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  • Hi all,

    Maybe some of you can help me out with this issue.

    My games we're working just fine for many months in the browser using the html5 export option, but seems like something happened yesterday after i removed my old website and uploaded a new one, and i had to make a new .htaccess file to make the site always point to https, after this that's when the issues started happening, after the game loads and you have to click to continue it does not do anything.

    I have tested all the games with preview inside the engine and it always works, and the games has always connected with ajax over https connection and have never had any issues with retrieving information from the database. But, it seems to not be retreiving all the information when it's been uploaded to my web server, and i suspect it has something to do with the new website and the .htaccess file.

    Also sometimes the game stops loading on 81% and does not move, or it actually works sometimes altough very rare.

    Here you can try one of my games to see if you manage to get to the login screen at all:



  • Are you using the loader layout properly?

    It took a long time to load the first screen, and then it just got stuck at 5%.

  • I have just tried the URL you provided with FireFox.

    It loaded as intended I guess, I got stuck at a screen asking for a username and password.

    Be sure check for errors in your browser's console; especially with a change of server.

    It is possible it was only a temporary issue of server propagation, now all your files are served and apparently work.

    Or perhaps the issue is specific to the browser you are using. Although Firefox being historically pickier than Chrome, if it works in FF, it should work in others as well.

  • Thanks for your help guys,

    Clearly it's a browser issue, if you try loading the game in Edge it's loading correctly and is consistent, but in Chrome and Firefox it might be stuck on 4% for a while, then jump to 55%, then 100%, and also takes much longer time to load.

    Although worth mentioning as i thought, when turning of HTTPS the game loads normally again in Chrome only.

    Could anyone test please and confirm loading the game in Edge and Chrome browser and let me know if you can reproduce what i got?

    Thanks again for your help.



  • It takes about 15 minutes to load to the login screen in Firefox and Chrome. It stays at 3% for a very long time. Didn't try Edge.

    How big is the game? Maybe you should try a different hosting service?

    Edit: Edge is indeed faster, about 5 minutes.

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  • Thanks for testing.

    That can't can't be right, are you sure? For me it takes 1 minute in Edge, even same time in Chrome but the loading is not consistent. The game is 85mb, it was actually 156mb and then it loaded in about 30 seconds, now after i removed old objects and reduced the size it takes longer to load, where is the sense in that?

    Could you give it a try now with the HTTPS off, for me it loads in 30 - 40 seconds using Chrome.

  • Without the https it takes about 2-3 minutes in Chrome.

    I'm in Australia, maybe that's why it's longer.

  • Yes that might be, the server are in Denmark. Anyway it seems to be loading between 30 - 40 seconds now without https, tested on multiple laptops and other testers have confirmed too coming from different countries.

    Thanks for your help, appreciate it.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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