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  • Hi to all

    I saw that on the site of scirra but also on Kongregate that the maximum file size of the game to be loaded should not exceed 50 mb.

    I read from many parts to reduce the size of the images and so I did, the file .c3 has been reduced by 50 mb, but the finished game has remained the same size as always 160 mb.

    Can I do anything else to reduce the size and be able to load it?

    I understand that the site of scirra is free but with 50 MB that games can be done? Would not it be better to charge the space with a fee of 50 MB for free?

    Thank you,ù


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  • First, reduce the size of images if you can. If you use any images then scale them down on the canvas in Construct then you want to actually resize the source image.

    Second, take a look at the animations and remove any unnecessary frames. If you are new to animation you may need to do some experimenting with what frames to remove, but the chances are high that you have too many if you are just starting out.

    Third, reuse any image you can as much as possible. I like to consider this as much of a skill as animation, it may take some experimenting with what should be reused and what shouldn't, try your best to look at a scene as a whole. To learn this study games you respect by getting a screenshot and scanning the image with your eyes, you'll notice that there are never as many unique objects as you think.

    Forth, Whenever possible utilize tile maps and tiled backgrounds. Large background images will really add up fast.

    I wish you luck, these were the things I needed to work on when starting out.

  • Thak's

    I've already done many of the things you've written

    There are few animations with few frames


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