How do I Future-proof saves? (Solved)

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  • Hi! I'm working on a edutainment/toy game about wiring, making different contraptions with logic gates and objects.

    I'm having trouble with saves, specifically making sure I can add new features in the future and have old saves compatible with those features.

    The On_Load function works (it returns the "Load!" message.) I gave the objects a instance variable to give a position (TB_AnchorX & TB_AnchorY in the toolbox (toolbox tracks the page it's on, if it's one of the toolbox items)

    When I load a version where the not gate is set off the toolbox and then load from a version where the not gate is places on the toolbox, the not gate disappears.

    Help is appreciated! I've looked at the tutorials and I see about using the On_load, but it's not working for me. I'd really like have older saves compatible with newer version. Thanks!

    E: So I did some testing, I made it spit out a list of objects when I press a key, and it looks like the version of the object has the Anchor coordnates are 0, so it doesn't slot it into place.

    E2: I created a fresh object and put in some code, and then loaded a save from an old version, and the object shows up fine! I guess the problem is the newwer versions are being overwritten with older versions, so I just need to not have unimplimented objects in the project yet. Thanks anyway!

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