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  • How do I preview my project fullscreen when using C3 remote preview.

    I did try to add my app to my mobile home screen (iPhone7 and Nexus5):

    iPhone7->Safari->Share...->Add to Home Screen

    Nexus5->Chrome->(three dots)->Add to Home Screen

    This project is specificaly made for mobile.

    For some reasons "Request Fullscreen" doesn't work.

    On C2 this was working great. I'm sure it can be done in C3 but how?


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  • You can only request full screen after a touch event (but not "on Touch start"). For example:

    On any touch end: Browser Request Fullscreen

  • If I understand well, I need to put a debug button in my project to get my app to request full screen. I don't like this idea.

    In C2, I was able to request full screen without this kind of work around after adding my app to the home screen. There is technically no reasons for this behaviour not to exist when using C3 since both previews are based on the same technology.

    Is it a bug then?

  • No need for a button, any touch event will do. It's the same in C2.

    This is not something specific to C2 or C3, it's a browser limitation, you can't request full screen without user interaction.

    I believe when you build your mobile app, then you can switch to full screen straight away.

  • Yes, you are right. This is a browser limitation but when you add your web app to your home screen on your mobile, the application goes fullscreen right away when requested through code. Well, it's the expected behaviour.

    Yes, it's true, when you build your app and run it as a normal mobile application, everything works great. But an advantage of Construct(2/3) is the opportunity to preview your project without compiling/wrapping within a native mobile application.

    So we are back at the original problem: When using C3 preview on mobile, requesting fullscreen at start of layout doesn't work. But when previewing on mobile from C2, requesting fullscreen at start of layout do work. I did some test with a barebone capx in C2 and C3 and here are the results:

    iPhone/Nexus5 - C3:

    iPhone C3 Preview Screenshot

    Nexus5 C3 Preview Screenshot

    iPhone/Nexus5 - C2:

    iPhone C2 Preview Screenshot

    Nexus5 C2 Preview Screenshot

    Project files:

    Construct3 file

    Construct2 file

    Please note that both file contains exactly the same code and have exactly the same settings.

    There is a difference between C2 and C3 previewing results.

    Now, how can we solve this? is it possible with C3 right now? Do I have to report this as a bug?

    Thanks you dop2000 for your help by the way. I appreciate it.

  • Hi , I worked this out and its super simple :-)

    Let me know if your still stuck :-)

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