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  • Hello,

    first, sorry for my english, I'm french and my english is not really good.

    I need help because I can't solve a problem in my script.

    when I change of layout to another specific one, the game freezes. But strange thing, when I launch the game with "Debug" the frame freezes before it changes, and with "run" after it changes, and only animations can move.

    I tried to restore the timescale, it's not the solution. I tried to deactivate the oldest part but it doesn't work better.

    There is no error message, I don't know if it's the layout or something else but I tested the game before applying the last part of the script and it worked.

    The last part :

    Any Idea what is causing this?


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  • I’ve actually had this happening more frequently as well. There was a debug error in chrome I received about the jump through behavior.

    EDIT: Image attached.

  • Your code is very wrong..

    "On start of layout" can not be nested in a sub-event and after a "Wait". Move it to make it a top level event. "On collision" sub-events also can not be there, they will never work.

    Also, your first event "NivActuel=5.75" runs on every tick. And inside of this event you have "Wait 3.5 seconds". This creates hundreds of wait-threads, which can cause all kinds of problems and bugs. Try to never use Wait inside of events which run on every tick!


    I found your older post where Sam Dimanche have already pointed exactly the same issues. Did you even read his comment?

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