Which free game art animation software should I use?

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  • Hi. So I have done some research and I found: Spriter, Pencil2D and Krita (Animation). Which one has the best UX? and more features. I know that there are 2 ways to animate sprites, one is frame based, the other is skeletal. Help is appreciated! I don't want to learn

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  • Since they’re free, you have the luxury of installing and trying each. People have different preferences and needs for artwork production and someone else can’t tell you what your favorite will be. Maybe make yourself create a short animation in each.

    One note is that I think we have to wait for Spriter 2 to get C3 runtime support in the add-on.

  • I thought I had deleted the "I don't want to learn...(all of them)" part haha

  • Thanks!

  • Pencil2D is not recommended for games.

    I use spriter which is very easy to learn and you can download the official spriter plugin which works with Construct projects. This has great features. Search online and you will find about those features.

    And for Krita I have never tried. It seems a good one. I will try once.

  • You may also want to try out Synfig, as someone who dosent like to draw I find vector art and vector animation to be the easiest.

    I personally use Moho (Anime Studio) for characters and Blender for objects. Because I spent so much time learning vector art I transitioned to 3D fairly easy.

    I highly recommend trying out Moho's trial because Moho is very easy to learn, therefore it is the fastest way to get a taste of vector animation.

    If you plan on drawing and using cut-outs for bones Dragon Bones is a good option at the moment because it has defamation, something spriter does not yet have, and it is free.

    I would like to also mention that bone animation can work well for characters but for 2D its really limited, so if you are someone used to using Krita (or drawing software in general) you may find Krita to be your best option, if not try vector animation.

    Whatever you choose just know animation is a real skill and it will take time to get efficient enough to knock out animations quickly, try not to be anxious or you will go insane, it broke me many of times, now its one of my favorite things to do.

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