How do I force my game to utilize more CPU?

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  • My game has a framerate issue - on my stress-test level - still it shouldn't be a problem for a modern PC. What i observe is that at its most performance heavy moments the CPU graphics of the used cores are barely at the middle point. Playing other games utilize more CPU per core in their more performance intense moments. Is there anyway I can do this with my game as well? Also, my game seems to work better when another game is also running in the background.

    NOTE: I've tried changing performance priorities from the task manager and I've set advanced settings for high performance for my PC.

    Any advice on this will be a life savior!

    Thanks and cheers!

  • If your game isn't using all the CPU available, that's a good thing! It means it will continue to run well on lower-end devices. You shouldn't aim to consume all possible resources.

    If the game is GPU-bottlenecked, naturally the CPU usage won't be as high, which means you need to focus on optimising the rendering, not the logic.

  • Hey, thanks for the reply Ashley.

    The thing is I have specifically a debug command to basically hide all sprites and leave just the pure CPU calculations active and the result is the same.

    I just feel that if the the cpu struggles and yet the usage can be more, there seems to be a allocation question that can work in my favour. Any other bottlenecks?

    Thanks again. Cheers.

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  • You can't force the CPU to work any harder. It already works as fast as it can. Construct's CPU reading is only an estimate, subject to caveats noted in the manual, and so there is probably still a bottleneck somewhere else.

  • Got it. Thanks.


  • Something doesn't add up though.

    One thing I'm 100% happens is that when I run my game alone I get poorer performance than when I run another game simuteniously which demands alot of CPU usage on all cores. I get around 10+ frames difference (for the better) and its quite easy to feel the difference.

    This makes it look that Windows allocates more CPU even for my game when another CPU itnensive game is running in the background.

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