How do I forcably disable VSync in my projects?

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  • Hello! After playing with Unity for a long time and learning a lot of lower-level stuff, I've come back to make a new Construct project.

    But this has been bugging the hell out of me for the longest time: How do you reliably disable VSync for exported games in NW.js?

    I noticed that when I had VSync disabled in Unity (Originally to measure performance better) my input was much more responsive and less floaty. This is because the CPU isn't waiting for the GPU and Monitor to finish, and can update the game as fast as it wants.

    You can ask Chromium/NWjs politely to turn VSync off using --disable-gpu-vsync as a launch parameter, but it only works sometimes in my experience. I think this is a bug in chromium more than anything, but I'm not so sure.

    For fast-paced games you want player input to be as tight and responsive as possible. Otherwise I wouldn't care, but I feel this will improve my game feel dramatically, and I'm willing to have slight tearing if it means the player can be less frustrated.

    I know this is an advanced topic, but any insight or experience shared will be very appreciated.

    Thank you very much for your time. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Have a wonderful day!

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  • There is no option to disable vsync. It is hardwired in to 60 fps.

    You can submit feature requests on the request site.

  • I've gotten it to work before, just not reliably (changes from Chromium and NWjs version). I'll pitch it as an idea, since Ashley and the gang know WebGL inside and out and probably know the answer to this (although it looks like VSync would have to be either on or off for the whole project, not being able to change it at runtime)

    Thank you for your time!

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