Fog of War on Minimap not working correctly

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  • Hey all,

    I have a minimap that you can bring up in the game if you press "M". It isn't an interactive map (i.e. it just displays the layout of the current level you're in and that is that, no unit movement or that sort). However, when you are fresh into the level the minimap has fog of war (i.e. completely dark and you can't see the level itself) and as you move around the dark areas get revealed.

    For the minimap I am using one of the methods I found searching these forums. This is my code:

    Right now I have it where I manually place black sprites around the level with size and location I want them to appear on the minimap. Unfortunately no matter how big and "encompassing" I make the sprites there are still seams and areas that don't get covered fully on the minimap despite these areas are completely covered in the level with the black sprites.

    This is the result I get:

    As you can see in the minimap (the small picture in the middle of the screen that has lots of black on it) still has seams and some areas that are displayed (walls at the bottom for example) that aren't covered. Yet in the layout I have the black sprites (that spawn their counterpart on the minimap) covering that entire place.

    Any ideas what is wrong? Any ideas what can I do to cover the minimap completely with these black sprites to simulate fog of war? Or maybe anyone has a better idea how to implement this mechanic?


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  • Bump, still looking for a solution.

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