Floating up on a timer??

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  • Hi everyone I'm trying to make my player float up in the air with shift key held down I have a ruff idea in place but have no idea how to set it on a timer so it only lasts in bursts once the player falls back to the ground it resets any help would be appreciated

    a nod in the right direction... Thanks in advance to anyone out there willing to help me out I know its prob simple I did some searching but couldn't find anything on it besides the timer docs but couldn't come to a conclusion to my problem

  • Assuming you are not using any movement behaviours. If you are you can easily modify this to work with them.

    Create a Boolean variable "Var_Float" and a Boolean variable called "Var_Cooldown"

  • Thanks for the reply!!! yea I am using a platform behavior. My goal is when the player is falling and shift is down the player will float up for a short period of time but once released/timed-out everything goes back to normal until player is on floor if I'm explaining it right but once I have an idea I'm sure I'll be off to the races lol

  • If you're using the Platform Behaviour you can use the Set Vector Y action and set it to a negative value to get upwards motion.

  • Yea I have it semi worked out I'm trying to figure out how I would use a timer to only allow the player to rise for so long before he falls back to the ground then reset as soon as the player is on floor then allow it to be used again once the player is falling I have it all worked out for the float just can't seem to wrap my head around the timer for this because if the shift key is released the platform behavior returns to normal as it would if the timer runs out just a bit confused on how id make the timer function in that work

  • Have a look at this: 1drv.ms/u/s!AkmrWgxeuxlKhJkJthhEdgBjD5Hpnw

  • I would use a global variable to store an Energy stat. While in use it should quickly drop and while it is not in use it should slowly regen.

    If you are interested this video will walk you through in more detail:


  • I messed around with the file you sent and have the player floating upward once jumping and it works perfectly!!! I'll take a look at the YouTube video too I can't believe I didn't find that on my own... Any other amazing learning material sent my way would be amazing. Thanks to the two of you for all the help really appreciate it. Here we go wish me luck

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  • Wow winstreak you made that video at the request of me. Thats amazing!!! The construct community is truly something special. I'm really looking forward to this and feel like I made the right choice here time to dig in and get some games made XD.

  • People here are pretty willing to help plus there's tons of content out there for you :)

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