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  • How would I turn on the flash behavior of an object when either covered or in collision with another object, then have the flash object turn off after the object that is flashing has uncovered or left the collision area.

    Thanks in advance

    The topic I wrote in the subject box did not appear and had something I never wrote. I did not ask how to export the game !!!

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  • Hello, here is the event example:


    Lets say "Sprite1" is the object with Flash behavior, and "Sprite2" is the object which represents collision area. You need to add a local variable (like "isFlashing" in this example) to prevent Flash behavior from starting every tick which will make the object invisible.

  • Thank you Orlic

    I got away from it and will go back and give this a try. My original idea was to make a tank round give some highlighting downrange. I since used a full tiny animation which looks nice.

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