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  • So I've taken on my second video game create, a tutorial of flappy bird, and I've had my way with changing it a decent amount. Instead of a bird I have a man with a jetpack. I want the man to be able to run on land but am having trouble with a "jitter".

    On the Ground I have

    1) Solid Behavior

    2) Custom Behavior at -70 Horizontal

    On the Player I have


    2)Bound to Layout

    The player switches to running animation when they overlap the "Landing Zone", an invisible sprite that takes up the ground plus some space above. The player does run on the ground at the right level, the only thing is that there is a "jitter", where it lags. I assume the lag has to do with being push -70 by the ground, but I'm not sure how to combat this lag. Any ideas? I figure I need to "Every tick" something but I just can't get it right.

  • I don't exactly know what you mean by jitter, but have you checked out this tutorial on my youtube channel?


    I believe it does something similar, maybe you this can help you in figuring it out?

    hope it helps

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  • I did a Geometry dash clone in the complete game sections , download it and see if it helps


    Play Here


  • Thank you for the replies. rafaeltrigo and bartalluyn, thank you for y'alls replies. It looks like both of you are using Platform Simulate Pressing Right for the player. I'm going to try to implement this on Monday when I have time to work on it. bartalluyn your youtube page looks awesome, very detailed tutorial and rafaeltrigo I see you have uploaded a ton of tutorials via the Construct site. As someone who is new to the software I really do appreciate seeing anyone's work.

  • Well, it seems as though it was a simple fix thanks to the twos of yous. I added "Simulate Platform pressing Right" when the player is in the "LandingZone" (an invisible square on and above the ground) and that stopped the jittering. The problem then was that the player was running off the screen, so all I did was adjust the settings in Platform so that the Max Speed is 0.5.

    Not sure why I didn't try to similuate pressing right. I think I just had a little voice in my head telling me it wouldn't work for so and so reason (mainly that the ground was being generate, and moving). This reminds me to try things before I decide they wouldn't work. Now I just need to work on creating a decent run animation.

    Thanks again for sharing the tutorials/projects.

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