How do I fix this (walk through obstructions) bug?

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  • Hello C3 Peeples!

    I am pulling my hair out trying to make these obstructions. I will attach my c3p file to this post, but here is the gist of it:

    I have made a family called "obstructions" and i've made an event "if character is NOT overlapping at <1 pixel ahead>, then walk".

    This is working just fine on my main layout, but then when he walks into the building, it not longer works. I think it has something to do with the way I set up the block-by-block walking system, but i'm not sure.

    Thanks guys.

    I'm dying. I've been trying to figure this out for the past three days with no luck. Also, this is my first game :)

    This is the c3p link:

  • One part of the building ("Building_p2") is not in the family, maybe that's the reason?

    Also, since your game is grid-based and the character is walking from cell to cell, I recommend you use TileMap objects. You can build your entire map with a single or several TileMaps, instead of using hundreds of sprites. Or, you can continue using sprites, but add an invisible TileMap and set tiles where you want your obstacles to be. This way you can easily determine if your character can move in any direction by checking if the tile in that direction is set or not.

    Here is an example (it uses MoveTo addon, but should give you the idea):

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  • Awesome! Thank you for the advice! I'll switch out my movement system, see what happens, and report back here ASAP.

    I've tried to use tilemaps in this game already, but I was having some issues (definitely user err0r). Ill give it another shot though.

  • I think I will start fresh.

    Other than the tile mapping and the function-tile walk system, are there any other things you recommend I change this time through? The goal is to make a zelda/pokemon style RPG.


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