How do I fix this Tile map

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  • Hello all,

    Iam new to doing this but I made a tile map and

    when I bring it in and try and add my

    house on top of the island I have i get the white bg with

    it.. I cannot find the invisibility or whatever

    Iam suppose to do..

    Am i suppose to make the maps as a whole

    or can I make separate elements to put in?

    I have a tutorial spite sheet and its png.. and it works fine.. but the one I have created, I cant get the transparency to work.. here is the file..

    Any thoughts?

    Iam using PS to make these also.!

    The BG is clear it shows up here as a dark color but its transparent!

    The tutorial one I got from open game art works fine though..


    Game art one:


  • I tried these files in a new project and it worked. Opened in PS, copied, and then pasted into the C3 image editor.

    I've attached a project with these images as tilemaps with transparency, if it helps.

  • Hi there,

    Opened your file and when I selected the house to place on top of the grass that I selected from the tile map.. drew out...

    Like I can with open art artwork, the transparency is not there I still see the

    areas that are suppose to be transparent yet I also see in your when I use the openart version It happens also..

    You have the art but here is this file... for some reason I can put art on one of them but on the other I cannot, I adjusted pix art size to fit mine but the open art was not having it so I did what I could and still I had problems using it on its own work..

    How do I share the C3P file with you?

    I created a dropbox account...

    How do I get you the file or the forum..

    Iam so new to all this.. and Iam getting beyond frustrated over something this simple, a alpha channel.. whatever.. I do not get it at all..

    Iam finally able to start learning Construct so Iam hoping that I hear from more than one on this issue..

    Heres a screen shot!

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  • I cannot remember what the damn solution is!

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