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  • Hi,

    what im trying to do is, when I hover my mouse over an object#2 a menu should pop up okay.

    first i click on an object#1 it opens a menu, and on the menu the object #2 is showing.

    Now, I have set the object invisible


    On start of layout - move object#2 to "layer 1"

    move object#2 bottom of its layer


    Mouse clicked on object#1 - set "menu" visible"

    - set "object#2" visible


    Mouse cursor is over object#2 - a menu appears


    Now everything works perfect, but only one problem, on start of layout when i first start the game and i move my mouse around and then my menu appears and disappears. I only want it to appear when my menu is open and my mouse is over the object, and when mouse is not over the object it should disappear.

    But now its doing it at the start of the layout, but the menu + the object# is invisible and it is move to a different layout. Why is it doing this? lol

  • Your mouse cursor over object#2 can still be true if the object is invisible

  • so what can do i do?

  • Could try condition 'object 2 is visible' with the 'mouse is over object 2' condition, so both need to be true

  • omg that worked!

    now i got other problem xd

    now when the mouse cursor is over the object, the menu pops up, that works perfect but now the menu doesn't disappear anymore.


    object 2 is visible with the mouse is over object 2 condition, I have put "Mouse cursor over object#2" i right click it and click "Invert"

  • Oooh i got it to work xd

    Thank you very much again for your help :)

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  • Great, glad it's resolved :)

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