How do I fix my stuck at loading screen bug?

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  • Hi, first, i have searched in all topics, i have tried preloading sounds and others things but i am still stuck on the loading ( or 100%).

    here is my config

    Also i have tried with android device monitor, and this error "jdwp" is not on the forum.

    Thanks for any help =)

  • Use simple minification (if you are taking about android)

  • u can try this few things for android :never use minification on js... maybe some image compression but that is about it... apk + js minification doesn't play well.

    html5 if this happens: don't use minification, disable adblock as might block some js required files to load Construct, clear cache of browser(images/and particular app data for the specified url).

    for both, if u did the above and still have the issue, make sure all ur files are named corectly in the exported zip folder or the assets folder inside the project u get when u export.

    if they aren't might cause a loading failure, usually this happens with sounds/music files that have both ogg+m4a format, that is why is better to use mp3 or just ogg.

    don't name ur files with Capital leters in beggining example: Audio_Awesome_file.ogg. just name it audio_awesome_file.ogg since the capitalization will be removed upon the export, there might be a mistmatch in finding the file, remember in code the word "Awesome" is not the same as "awesome". capital letter matter.

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  • GeorgeZaharia


    Thanks for the fast answers, i disabled the minify option. That was giving me the problem =)

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