How do I fix this selection issue?

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  • I have an invisible sprite that works like an RTS camera.

    However whenever the sprite overlaps a building sprite I can no longer select that building in game.

    I've tried changing the camera sprites size,

    moving it to a lower layer below the building,

    changing the camera to a tiled bg or particle effect,

    changing the building to a tiled bg.

    Nothing works!

    It's frustrating when the player can't select a building in a citybuilder if it's on the center of the screen!

    Please help!

  • Putting an invisible sprite over something doesn't stop it from being clicked so it must be something in your events.

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  • Turns out the problem was in the events after all.

    I had a condition that the player cannot select a building while the cursor is over a menu button. I use the same sprite for all buttons, and while the main menu is invisible during gameplay the buttons are still there. I was blaming the wrong sprite all this time and now feel like a complete idiot. xD

    Thank you so much lionz for pointing me in the right direction!

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