How do I FIX the score update after complete the second LEVEL?

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  • Hey! I'm really new in game develop. And i made a game with 3 levels. In the FIRST level i made a PopUp screen, if i die, 'Game Over' pops up, and the score of the berries and total keys get updated in the PopUp screen (see the picture)... Also if i enter the door to complete the level the score gets updated in the PopUp screen....

    now my problem begins when i enter level TWO... i have the same events running from the FIRST level... When i die (with for example 3 berries and 1 key), the PopUp window displays this... BUT when i complete the SECOND level and THIRD level, it only says 1 berry.. even if i have 10 berries and 3 keys.....

    i hope this makes sense to someone and i really hope someone could help me!

    Thank you so much allready!

  • There is no picture, but yes better to see the events or the file to assist with this.

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  • Ahhh i allready fixed it! thank you tho! <3

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