How do I Fix Player Stuck For No Reason?

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  • Hello Game Developers,

    I'm Currently Making An Mobile Game, Suddenly The Character Stucks For No Reason!

    This Is My Hypothesis But I Don't Know To Fix!

    - The Character Works Fine, If I Disable Anchor For The HUD. If I Enable Anchor For The HUD The Character, Stucks On An Random Wall.

  • hello TrimFlwa, I am afraid this is not enough information to help.

    Perhaps what you can do to solve it, is to disable most of your logic and see if it works. Then enable 1 thing, check if it works, enable 1 more thing and so on.

    This might help pinpoint where the problem lies.

  • Ay Mate, I Don't Understand About Layering, I'm Sure That's What's Wrong. (The Layering I Mean Is The Thing That Had Padlocks and CheckBox.

  • do you have path finding behavior?

    Players getting stuck can be due to issues with pathfinding grid as well...

  • I Used The Make Your Own Mobile Joystick. It's Basically Move Toward Angle.

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  • Post your project and give precise steps to reproduce the issue.

    Indicate what you are trying to achieve precisely, and what you experience happening instead, and how it differs from your expected result.

    Then it will make things easier for us to check out what is going on and what help we can provide.

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