How do I fix the phyisics with hirearchy?

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  • For some reason using Hirearchy wraps the objects like a Container and i don't want that, im making a ragdoll and i use the hirearchy to not make 10 different sprites just for a single stickman, the only behavior they have is physics and the sections are divided in 4 different types of sprites in a family

    But they don't work

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  • Physics ragdoll must be made with phyiscs joints. You can't use Pin or hierarchy to connect body parts to each other.

    Hierarchy may be used only to spawn the ragdoll. Here is how you do it:

    1. Disable Physics by default for all body parts.
    2. Disable all "Transform X/Y/Width/Height" checkboxes in hierarchy properties for all body parts.
    3. Spawn the parent object, for example Body. All other body parts will also be automatically created.
    4. After "Wait 0" enable Physics for all spawned instances, pick children of this Body and create physics joints to them.

    Here is an example from my game

    (I don't need to pick children, because there is only one ragdoll on the layout at all times)

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