How do I fix Local Storage saving Keys but no Values only after building?

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  • Hello guys,

    when I test my project locally the local storage works fine. But as soon as I build my Signed Android Bundle the Local Storage seems to log new Keys but not their values.

    It is really strange. Older versions of my project are working fine! But since I implemented mobile IAP the local storage behaves like this on mobile.

    Super frustrating because I don't want to lose all that progress and go back to when it was working especially because nothing I did has a "will break your local storage logic"-label on it :P

    A typical case of fixing one end and breaking something completely different.

    I could upload my project if anybody cares, but it's not a "minimal" version as for bug reports, since the mistake must be in my not minimal part somewhere I know :D

    I thought its worth a try to ask if anybody has encountered this weird symptom before I lose 30 hours of difficult progress though :P

    Have a great great weekend everybody :*



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  • Usually if Local Storage works on PC, but doesn't work on mobile, this means there is a problem with the code. Since mobile devices are less powerful, it may take a longer time to read/write to Local Storage. So if, for example, in your game you are trying to write and read from LS in the same tick, this may work fine on PC, but won't work on mobile.

    Can you post a screenshot of your events?

  • Hi dop2000,

    thank you for your help!

    This is a great starting point.

    Sadly I can't really post a screenshot. As I said, I can't really "dim it down" to a simple project version has e.g. bug reports ask for because I'm pretty sure the mistake is done by me within the "non-reduced version" :D

    Today I am going to revert to the previous version where it still worked and add everything new I did with a binary sort approach to find out what broke it.

    Will tell you guys if I found anything :)

    Have a great day!


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