How do I fix the laser and explosion events in my game?

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  • Hi all,

    I have begun creating a game set in outer space which incorporates lasers and explosions to break apart asteroids. To do this, I based my model similarly on that of the Ghost Shooter tutorial events. However, my lasers (like the bullets) shoot from where I want them to, but when the shooter is aimed at an asteroid, the lasers cannot be seen. If I aim elsewhere, away from the asteroids, they are visible. This is extremely annoying, as it looks very stupid.

    To help you understand, picture a spaceship shooting lasers and then directing these towards an incoming asteroid. The asteroid, which has'health' of four, is able to be killed though no laser is seen, only an explosion. This explosion isn't even centered on the object! It can be in the middle or far away from the asteroid, and there can be several explosions at once. Sometimes, an explosion will occur right at the object, but one at the same time behind it even though there are no other asteroids near it. I have no idea how to fix both these problems. Could someone please help me? It would much appreciated.

    Sincere thanks

  • Hi, please share your cp3 file or screenshot.

    Explosion positioning issue:

    I think your layers are set to different parallax? Spawning an explosion on asteroid should place it right on it. Make sure your origin is consistent as well.

    Lasers not showing:

    Sounds like you're drawing lazers as a straight line that touches the asteroid rather than travelling? If your laser is touching and being destroyed the same time it touches the asteroid, you won't be able to see it. There are several ways to solve this, but animating the laser and destroying on last frame. You can delay when it gets destroyed.

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  • Hi, maybe you can spawn the laser (or whatever shoot bullet) in different layer, which set above from layer asteroid object.

    There is another condition, depends on your gameplay design.

    Some intereting example :

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