How do I fix “Invalid 4th party call” and/or “Unacceptable HTML5 ad” for Google Playable Ads?

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  • i try to create playable ads for google ads using Construct 3. But always get rejected, my team try to ask google what the issue and google ads reply us with this information.

    " It seems an audio element inside the HTML5 file causes the policy violation.

    1. it is advised that you work with your development team to review all assets for any potentially hidden elements which violate Google Ads policy.HTML5 assets with any of the following elements are expected to get disapproved for “Invalid 4th party call” and/or “Unacceptable HTML5 ad”:

    • <video> tags

    • <audio> tags

    • Undetected external references

    • Non-Google fonts

    • Assets embedded in child frames

    • GWD AMPHTML creatives


    i already delete all audio in the game, also remove the audio plugin. but still get same rejection.

    does anyone face a similar problem?

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