how to fix "fake parallax" created by ZElevation?

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  • I am using layers that change or increase value Z.

    aside from the HUD layer, all the others have parallax 0.0.

    In addition to the layers that change the Zelevation order , there are other layers behind that do not change their values ​​in the Zelevation.

    initially the layers have Zelevation in the values:

    upper layer value: 0

    intermediate layer value -48

    bottom layer value -96

    When you press a button, the layers gradually change to the values:

    upper layer value: 96

    intermediate layer value 48

    bottom layer value 0

    Whenever layers have a negative value at Zelevation, the other deeper layers get parallax that cannot be controlled.

    at 0:30 seconds of video i show that layer over 0 has no parallax effect

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  • I would suggest not using z.

    You can use the layer parallax if you need that, and scale the objects yourself.

    I would use families with a scale multiplier.

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