How do I fix the errors that Google Play Console is finding?

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  • C3/Mobile App

    Anyone have any idea what these errors mean? Or how to fix them?


    You can't rollout this release because it doesn't allow any existing users to upgrade to the newly added app bundles.



    None the of users of this APK will be able to upgrade to any of the new APKs added in this release.



    This App Bundle contains Java/Kotlin code, which might be obfuscated. We recommend you upload a deobfuscation file to make your crashes and ANRs easier to analyze and debug.

    I used C3 to create the bundle. Google Play Console will only take a bundle, it won't take an apk.

    I thought by using C3 to create the game and the bundle it would work, but I guess not.

    Also, does anyone have a step by step tutorial on how to upload and release a game to Google Play? There are a ton for the OLD console, but I can't find a good video tutorial for the NEW Google Play console and it's confusing as hell.

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  • Looks like your previous version of the APK is 6.5 and you have tried to upload a bundle with version 1.0, it has to be a newer version than 6.5

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