How do I fix the dragging?

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  • Something annoying happens VERY often, and sometimes Construct 3 decides that i can only drag things on screen in 8 directions, it can move vertically, diagonally, horizontally but nothing in between, it doesn't lets me move the objects freely until i restart the aplication, why does this keeps happening

  • Is "Snap to Grid" turned on in your layout properties? Sounds like that might be the problem.

  • no, it's not enabled, and it's also not the problem as th grid at least would let me move it with more freedom than moving it only in 8 directions from the origin point

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  • try this... go to settings clear cache of app, redownload the stable 225 ... don't use the beta versions, it's like 7 updates farther currently beta 232 and seems the stable version never had a update for a while, and beta has lots of mini updates, that causes problems, especially lagging system, hangouts mid development, error on copy pastes etc. they don't happen all the time, but they happen like 1 per hour of app being opened. might be some memory issue, or who knows, for me beta keeps crashing randomly. and stable version sometimes just stops responding, probably some of the beta engine got mixed with my stable version.

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