How to fix crash due to 100% CPU usage?

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  • After some testing I realized that when I go from the menu to the main scene the CPU usage goes to 100% and then stabilizes to 25. According to the debug menu it comes from "engine and other". How can I solve this problem?


  • No one is going to be able to help with this unless you post your project file.

  • In fact the game is already over and has more than 250 events so it would be too much to ask (moreover some of the notes are written in French).

    I just hope to find some lead based on what people knew about that kind of mistake.

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  • Its likely not a mistake (bug). It sounds like your main scene requires 100% CPU usage on load based on what you are asking it to do. You can use the CPU profiler tab in the debugger to narrow down where the usage is coming from. You can also disable certain events that happen at start of layout until you see your usage drop, so you can find what the problem events may be.

  • I finally found the problem! Apparently it is better to load all the sprites/animation at start (on the first layout) than during the transition between two layouts because it have chance to overload the CPU and crash...

    Anyway, thank for your help, it got me on the right track :)

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