How do I fix my character selection for player?

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  • I am new at coding/construct3. I am teaching a high school class and they are making their own games! I am trying to figure this out as a test as one of my students wants to make a character select option in his game. I believe he might just have different sprites instead of different frames like I do. Currently this setup does not work. Here is what I have so far:

    1) Created sprite object "player"

    2) Made three different frames with different designs (0,1,2)

    3) Added on the character layout copies of the sprite set to different frames (0,1,2)

    4) On the event sheet I have when the left mouse is clicked on player (0,1,2) with the added condition that the player animation frame is set to (0,1,2)

    5) ...then player object set animation to frame (0,1,2) then system go to game layout.

    I think it is just changing this in one layout and not carrying it over to the game layout. I also found a "global" checkbox in the object properties that I turned on. Ideas? Thanks!

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  • In the other layout you have to think of it as a new and different object, what you applied before on those instances in the character select doesn't transfer over. Best fix in my opinion is to set the frame chosen to a global variable when you select a character, then for the Game events you can say on start of layout set player animation frame to global variable.

  • Great idea, thanks.

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