How do I fix my bullets?

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  • So, i made a UI a simple one.

    At the top left corner it would just say "To switch guns use 1&2" something like that.

    And when you die, it says game over, R to restart.

    But when i change the UI layers parallax to 0% x 0% everything seems to be fine.

    But after i did that, and then i start moving and shooting my bullets start to become more off center.

    Ive been trying to understand why this is happening, its my first time using this website to make something.

    Please help, would greatly appreciate it. Also here is the game: (please tell me if i did that right!!)


  • You need to create a proper share link

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  • No offense plinkie, but i clearly stated at the bottom this: "(please tell me if i did that right!!)". And you did that, but your making it sound like i'm supposed to know that. Without giving me any knowledge on how to actually posting a proper share link. So if you would tell me how to post a proper one, that would be great. :) (Its kinda like telling a robot to do something, but without giving it any knowledge or commands to do the certain thing)

  • You need to create a proper link to your file so people can open it.

    The URL you provided in your post is wrong and does not allow us to download your project.

    This is basic web browsing, and is outside of the scope of Construct or our forums.

    I understand from your username that you are a kid. Nevertheless, it is up to you to educate yourself and share your file properly if you want others to help you.

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