How do I fix my Bullet Hell mechanic?

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  • Hello folks,

    I'm trying to do a simple mechanic but I'm having problems. I'm trying to make an enemy fire 8 bullets that will stop almost immediately, then only 7 of those bullets will be randomly destroyed, and the one that is left alive will start moving again at its original angle.

    This is what is happening instead:

    As you can see, sometimes no bullet survives the purge, other times more than one will make it, and none of them will follow its original angle (except those who have 0 or 180 as their angles).

    These are my events:

    I guess I'm overcomplicating stuff since I think this should be a really simple mechanic to achieve.

    What do you think?

  • The logic where you assign unkillable variable is just a bit wonky. You're saying compare for each bullet if its own IID is equal to an IID in a random range, this could be true any number of times or never. You should instead set a local variable to floor(random(0,8)) and then set the bullet whose IID matches that number.

  • Thank you lions_! I still have got to grasp this programming logic, it escapes me easily :P

    That fixed the issue with choosing which bullet survives. Do you have any idea why that bullet doesn't keep its original angle?

    It always goes either 0 or 180. That's why I stored their original angle into that instance variable (iniAngle), but still doesn't work, so I guess something's off.

  • If it continues at its current angle of motion then I see no reason to change the angle or add actions for angle when you set the special bullet?

  • Yeah that's what I initially thought. It should continue at its current angle because I didn't touch anything related to their angles (except for the loopindex), but they all go either 0 or 180. That's why I stored their angles.


    I've changed all the actions to "Set angle" instead of "Set angle of motion"

    and now it works only for SOME of the bullets, randomly. I don't know why.

    I've also double checked if there's any other event affecting the angles.

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  • shameful bump.

    Does anyone have an idea why the bullets are not keeping their original angle?

    I recreated the same events and actions in a new blank game, without anything else, and still happens the same. The bullets won't keep their original angle no matter what.

  • I already mentioned above, remove the angle actions you've added if the bullet is going at the same direction

  • But I did, initially my events didn't have any angle action except the loopindex, which is necessary. The bullets wouldn't keep their original angle, that's why I tried to fix it with the stored angle. Doesn't work either.

  • They should continue moving unaffected if you didn't change anything. Another possible issue is if that event is running constantly from the top.

  • I finally fixed it! I don't know why but it was the deceleration. I changed it to -99 and now it works.

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