How do I fix the array value to finish this calculation?

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  • I'm trying to create an application that calculates standard deviation. Everything is working EXCEPT when I pulled the values from the array it does not finish the calculation highlighted. I want the mean to be subtracted from the value pulled from each array step and then squared. The array values are getting added to the sum_of_mean_differences which is good and then giving the square root but it's ignoring that vital step. The Data_Array_1.Mean)^2 step is just getting skipped and I have no idea why. Some help would be appreciated. Maybe something I am misunderstanding about local and global variables? Not sure. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Assuming that sum_of_mean_differences is a numeric variable, can you try the following:

    Set sum_of_mean_differences to (float(Data_Array_1.At(Data_Array_1.Data_Entry_Point)) - Data_Array_1.Mean)^2

  • Aw man thanks so much. I thought I did that before and it didn't work. Thanks a lot for your help. I misused the conversion of the integer value to a float value. What a simple mistake. Thanks a ton again!

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