How do I fix my APK crash?

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  • Hello, for start, sorry for my bad english :P I hope you will understand my problem x)

    When i launch my APK (android debug apk), my app crash.

    Rapport :

    This crash appear when the scene "Main" (first scene) starts. After loading screen.

    But this appear on 70% of cases, sometimes, the game starts normally, without bug.

    In C3 editor, 0 bug. Preview 100% work.

    This is not problem with my phone cause i tried on 3 differents phones. Same bug.

    This is not problem of export cause i tried with 2 others game, that works fine.

    I did a lot of tests and i noticed that the problem comes from the scene "Main".

    So, i tried to start the game from another (empty scene) scene : 0 crash

    Then i tried to switch to the scene "Main" from this empty scene : crash :/

    So, i removed this empty scene and i disabled every events on "Main" event list : Crash

    Then i selected " Noone " on paramater of "Main" for eventlist : Crash.

    Im lost :'D Dont understand where the problem is coming from :'(

    Maybe from layers? Its really stange. I hope someone could help me. Thanks a lot!

    Project link :

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  • The reference to looks like it's a graphics driver bug on the device. This would need to be fixed by Qualcomm. Try installing any available software updates for the device. If that doesn't help, there's not a lot you can do...

  • Thanks for answer, but why this affect only this Scene?

    My 5 others games maked with C3 works perfectly on my device :/

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