How do I fix my animation?

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  • So, I've been using construct for a little while now and I'm on my way to making my first platformer but I have a problem with the animations.

    I have the main character and his nice little animations. Problem is, when my ''Jump'' animation finishes I have it set up so the next one (as the player falls down) as ''Falling'' but when that one plays the character looks like he teleported downwards a few pixels. I tryed moving the sprite so as to match the last from my ''Jump'' animation but it didn't seem to work.

    Any suggestions? By the way, I am using the free version.

  • Almost certain the problem is with the position of Origin image point in your animations. Make sure it's always in the same position on the character in all animation and all frames.

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  • That fixed it!! Tanks! ;D

    So, yeah. I had set up the image point on the animations to the bottom to have a little dust coming off but forgot to do that with the Falling animation.

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