How do I fix this animation?

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  • I am trying to create an animation that moves each square to the right place according to the same id number and in an ordered way, starting with the id1 and finishing with the last one and with a quick interval between each one. I created the animation but not in the right order (my animation is starting with the last one and it's decreasing). I already tried to invert the count value and summing instead of subtracting this value but I am not getting it right. Please, some help.

    A sample:

    Important: I don't want another solution. Please, don't change this script. I just want to understand what I need to do to fix this sample.


  • Try:

    I have to guess why this happend in your example. I would say in your example the for each uses the UID/IID of the sprites so is the direct opposite to your ID counting. So you it has to go through all your sprites to get the on with the correct ID and you have to click for every sprite to move on place.

    If you want to move the sprites backwards you have only to change your count back to 5 and to subtract and the for each to decending.

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  • Asmodean

    I got it. Thank you!

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