How do I fix the 8direction bouncing issue?

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  • I have a player object with a collision polygon down at his feet that is about two-three pixels tall, that way, for perspective, he can walk up close to walls, and be, seemingly, in front of them. The problem is, if I, for instance, hold the up button while up against a wall, the character bounces a pixel away from it and then back over and over. I have ensured that the walls have flat-edged polygons, the player has flat-edged polygons, and that the player's image point doesn't change relative to the player's collision polygon during animations.


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  • Check that the collision polygon and Origin image point are exactly the same in all frames and in all animations. If you have many animations, it's better to use a separate rectangular sprite with 8-direction, and pin your player to it.

    If this doesn't fix the issue, please post your project file.

    EDIT: Sorry, just noticed that you've already checked the polygons and image points. To be completely sure, try disabling the walking animation.

    Do you have any other behaviors on the player, or are you changing any of its properties like angle/position with events?

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