How do I finish this excellent bit of functionality?

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  • The idea here is to have the "indicator" proportionally parallax scroll the entire layout so it matches the overall layout to the mini main menu. Kind of like a mini-map. I'm so close but I'm thinking that "scrollx-(TraveledPosition)-(TraveledPosition)-(TraveledPosition)-(TraveledPosition)" is not quite right. Feel free to have a laugh at the x4 negative value. I don't know what to put in there, I went to art school. What would you use? The idea is to have the value set to a number that is 25% of the (Travel Position) and negative I think. Have a go at it if you want, my head hurts.


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  • yeah, you were pretty close :)

    You were reading the mouse position from the layer that was scrolling, and that can lead to wacky results, so I changed it to read from the non-scrolling layer (Reduced Size), and then set scrollx based on the mouse's relative position from where it started.

    I set the indicator to a scaled down relative position as well. I moved the indicator to the non-scrolling layer because I thought it was easier that way.

    I disabled drag and drop on the indicator, because it was easier to just reverse the scaling if the mouse clicked on the indicator instead of the background. I also used Clamp when setting the indicator so you don't have to separately check if it has moved beyond its limits.

  • Ok

    1. That was amazing, and you are a genius.

    2. I have to slow down and look at each line more logically.

    3. Thank You! (for real, thanks a ton) awesome community here.

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